2019 Superbloom – Not to be missed!

California again this year is experiencing a Superbloom. According to National Geographic, a super bloom “is a colloquial term used to define an explosion of wildflowers that exceeds typical spring blooms.”

Pine Mountain and the local communities start to flower mid-April to late-May. It has to warm up here a bit. Still, Pine Mountain Club is a great launching point for Superblooms!

Just one hour north is the Carrizo Plain National Monument. This is a huge area and even if there are a ton of tourists, you won’t feel it. The park has no gas stations or restaurants, so leave with a full tank and food to nibble.

To drive the entire length of Carrizo is about 43 miles. At the north end, roughly equal to San Luis Obisibo you’ll find hills covered with Hilltop Daisy. Midway through the park is Soda Lake, one of the few lakes that has no inlet or outlet, it is all run off and spends most of the year dry. About 10 minutes from the entrance on the south side, closest to Pine Mountain, you’ll start to see fields of purple and yellow.

Carrizo is about 1 hours west of Pine Mountain Club.

Carrizo Plain National Monument Flower Status

A second, although more limited access is Tejon Ranch Conservancy. The provide limited tours on weekends. Tejon Ranch is 25 minutes from Pine Mountain Club.

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Tejon Ranch Conservancy’s Activity Calendar

One of the most popular areas is the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. Visiting during the weekends, best to start early. During the week, you’ll experience much smaller crowds. The Poppy Reserve is a little over one hour from Pine Mountain Club.

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California Poppy Reserve