About Pine Mountain Club and Two Girls

Our goal is assuring our clients enjoy their vacation time in Pine Mountain Club.   We work hard to have the properties ready and to be available if something is not working as expected.  A lot of that is setting expectations and making sure our clients know what to expect.

Some things to know:

  • We provide a in-house document that addresses your questions about the home and helps make sure everyone understands the terms of use for the home.   If there is any confusion, please call or text us so we can address your questions.
  • There are local restaurants in the village and a small market.   From most of our homes, it is about a 10 minute drive.  Keep in mind the restaurants close pretty early.  The market says open a bit later.  There is a tavern in the village too.
  • Pine Mountain Club is in the Los Padres National Forest.  That means we have black bears which can be as big as 300 pounds.  They are attracted to food and trash.  We cannot emphasis how unwise it is to leave food waste outside the home.  Absolutely do not attempt to feed the bears.  They are known to quickly develop bad habits and you’ll be the scorn of the rest of us who have to deal with the problems this creates.
  • During the winter, always check the weather.  Snow is wonderful and beautiful. and something to totally enjoy.  On the flipside, snow and ice conditions require careful driving.   You must carry chains and be prepard to put them on if required by the CHP.  We recommend you try putting on your chains once in the your garage.  This will verify they fit and give you a much better idea how you would do this in the dark while it is snowing and cold.
  • A flashlight or two  is highly recommended.  Pine Mountain Club has rules about keeping our outside lights off when they are not needed.  It can be very dark, great for stargazing!  You’ll be happy you have a flashlight.  Be sure to make sure you check the batteries too.
  • Pine Mountain Club has the typical noise restrictions you find elsewhere.
  • Pine Mountain has private security 24 hours a day.  We have a full time fire department as well.  If you need emergency help they are here to help.

Rentals Longer than 30 Days

Two Girls specializes in short-term property rentals of less than 29 days.  If you are interested in renting a property for more than 29 days,  we have relationships with licensed professional local real estate agents to help you.

Office Hours

9am to 5pm – Monday through Friday