Home Owners

Home Owners

Two Girls specializes in short-term property rentals of less than 30 days. Our goal is that the homeowner sees revenue from the property with minimal effort and that our vacation property renter’s savor the experience and enjoy renting again and again.

We are not a real estate company and we don’t pretend to be.  We only rent for less than 30 days and strictly comply with the law on this issue.  If a rental client wants a property for longer than 30 days, we have relationships with licensed professional local real estate agents to manage this as well as if the owner decides to sell.

Our services include:

  • Assisting the owner with assuring their property is ready to rent including issues like Proper rental property insurance and smart property preparation.
  • Documenting the properties are maintained and cleaned before we start renting and after each rental.
  • Contractual relationships with the homeowner and our renters.  We want to assure that everyone is protected and that we all understand our obligations.
  • Assuring the renter enjoys their time and takes care of the home.  We provide a in-house document that addresses the renters questions about the home and make sure everyone understands the terms of use for the home.
  • Being available as a local resource if a renter has a problem.  We do everything we can to make sure their stay exceeds their expectations.
  • Blocking out reserved time for the property owner.   It’s important that we assure the property is available to the homeowner.
  • Managing all Kern County short term rental compliance issues.
  • Cleaning and repair services.  We have a wide array of local professional services to take care of our properties.
  • Accounting transparency with timely monthly payments to home owners.  We provide a monthly report of rental activity and a check by the 15th.
  • Protecting the home during the winter against freezing temperatures.  We open and close homes following a procedure that assures no damage when unoccupied and that the home is ready when the renter arrives.
  • Assuring the rules of Pine Mountain Club Homeowners Association are followed by our renters.  We all want to assure that everyone enjoys themselves at the same time being respectful of the residents, being safe in the Los Padres forest relative to fire safety and our respecting our local wildlife.
  • We will supervise minor home maintenance providing quotes from local contractors, supervising the work, and keeping the homeowner in the loop, so they are comfortable their needs are being achieved.

Find out more…

If you are a homeowner, we provide a free consultation and will meet with you at your Pine Mountain Club home to discuss short term rentals, how it works, and what you can expect.

References available upon request.