Two Girls Rentals has ceased operations. For all our loyal clients, we thank you for working with us.

Experience the beauty of the Los Padres National Forest.

Pine Mountain Club is an easy drive about an hour north of Los Angeles.  It is a great weekend getaway or if you just want some quiet time away from the city.  The small community is surrounded by the Los Padres Forest, just north of Mount Pinos.   It is well known for its majestic pines, abundant hiking trails and bicycle riding.  Mount Pinos is considered to be one of the best night sky viewing sites in Southern California due to its relatively low light pollution, dry air and frequently clear skies.  On any Saturday night, Mt. Pinos is one of the favorite gathering places for amateur astronomers in the region.  The hike to the summit of Mt. Pinos, 8847 feet, is just two miles of non-technical hiking and is the tallest point in Ventura County.

About Two Girls

Two Girls is the premier Pine Mountain Club short term rental company, providing 5-star service to hundreds of guests since 2017.

What set’s us apart is customer service.  Easy to say that, yet it won’t take long to experience it.  We have 24/7 phone support and, yes, someone actually answers the phone!  We welcome calls to help with your vacation decisions.  And, since we live in the area, we’re just five minutes away from any of our guests, so if there is something that needs attention,  we are there to help.   Our trusted 5-star cleaning crews comply with AirBnb’s Covid home cleaning standards and you will not find a better cleaning service in the area.   Rest assured, when you arrive, everything will be just right.

If you are a homeowner interested in looking at short term rental income, consider Two Girls.  You could be thinking about managing the home yourself or would like to understand our full coverage services, either way we provide a consultation to help you find the path forward that works best for you.   We offer extended consultation to help you learn the ins and outs of short term rental, our goal is to help everyone, both homeowners and guests, benefit for having beautiful cabins to rent.

Even if we do not manage your property, any short term rental hosts who live off the mountain, we offer on-mountain response to your cabins issues while a guest is present.  This is a small charge, but we respond to the issue, include finding local resources to help, such as a heater repair or plumbing issue.   We have established relationships with a wide array of local contractors, we can help quickly reduce the stress of a cabin issue when guests are present.

Two Girls only takes on short term rentals, if you have a long-term rental need, more than 30 days, give us a call and we will point you to the local realtors who provide this service.

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We would love to help you find the perfect vacation rental here in Pine Mountain Club, located just one hour from Los Angeles in the beautiful Los Padres National Forest.

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